Discrimination Policy

Barbershop Express does not discriminate against ANY potential client. We welcome all female, male, children and non‐binary clients across our national network of salons and barbershop locations.

Regardless of gender, age, or someone who identifies as non‐binary; requests a haircut or hair service from Barbershop Express and it is achievable within the ‘skill set’ of the team rostered on at that time ‐ Then our staff must willingly accept the client and complete the service. Charging for these services should reflect the price menu or quote slip for this equivalent service and a new client form and quote must be completed before the service is commenced. The quote slip must be signed by the client.

If it is NOT in the skill set of the team at hand and the Barber does not know how to achieve the style requested this must explained to the client, as to why the service cannot be completed at that time.

We may suggest our Salon Express sister business as the next point of call to service the clients stated service requirements.