Stumped On What To Get Dad For Father’s Day? We’ve Got Some Ideas.

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Stumped On What To Get Dad For Father’s Day? We’ve Got Some Ideas.

Getting Dad the perfect gift for Father’s Day can be challenging, especially with so many options out there. We recommend something practical, that holds purpose, something that makes Dad not only feel good but look good. And that’s where care products come in. Haircare and beard care that is.

All dads deserve to look their best for Father’s Day. Dads with beards, dads with thinning hair, and dads with too much hair to even know what to do with it. (We can solve that one with a stylish cut). We have the perfect product no matter what the need is. So, give your dad the best gift this Father’s Day by gifting him with a top-rated men’s hair care or beard care product so he feels good about his look when he steps outside.

Check out our list below of hair care and beard care products guaranteed to make Dad the best looking lad this Father’s Day. (*Products can be found in-store at your local Barbershop Express, products may vary by location.)


1) Uppercut Deluxe Pomade, Matte Pomade, or Featherweight Paste | $28.00

Polished, casual, defined – whatever style your Dad is going for, we have the right product. Uppercut Deluxe’s Deluxe Pomade is perfect for timeless, classic looks with more defined shapes. Whereas the Matte Pomade and Featherweight paste make for more casual, modern styles. 


2) Uppercut Deluxe Beard Balm | $20.00

Does Dad have a beard? Is it out of control? Keeping a beard in shape is no easy task, that’s where Uppercut Deluxe Beard Balm comes in. With just the right amount of control and shine, this balm will keep your Dad’s beard shaped and controlled, reducing any annoying flyaway’s while keeping his dapper and distinguished look in place. 

3) Proraso Sensitive Pre & After Shave Cream | $17.95

Ever noticed Dad looking red-faced after a shave? He might have sensitive skin, and if so, sensitive skin pre and aftershave is a necessity. We recommend gifting him Proraso Sensitive Pre & After Shave Cream. It’s one of our new products, but already a fan-favourite – being that it’s made with ingredients such as calming green tea and oats. It will help calm his skin and prevent it from redness and irritation. And what’s a better gift than that?


4) Proraso Beard Oil | $21.95

You might have noticed Dad’s beard scratching your face during your last hug. And if so, it sounds like he will need some Proraso beard oil to tame, smooth, and soften his beard – oh and did we mention it will add a great scent, too? Proraso’s beard oils come in three suave smelling scents: Wood & Spice, Cypress & Vetiver, and Azur Lime. 


5) 3D Men Hair and Body Shampoo $23.95

If Dad’s not interested in style products, you might be able to win Father’s Day instead with Schwarzkopf Professional 3D Men dual-purpose hair and body wash. It’s 3 key ingredients are panthenol, to leave the hair feeling strong and healthy, menthol, to cool the skin and scalp, and caffeine, to stimulate the roots. Making it the perfect two-in-one gift for better hair and dads who like to keep it simple.


If you’re still not sure on what to get Dad pop into Barbershop Express to see our full selection of products. Our barbers will help you find the right one. Or better yet, bring dad by on Father’s Day for a hair or beard trim so he is in tip-top shape for his day. No booking is necessary.

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