Not Sure Which 3D Men’s Styling Product To Use? This Quiz Can Help.

Not Sure Which 3D Men’s Styling Product To Use? This Quiz Can Help. Previous item Stumped On What To Get Dad...

Not Sure Which 3D Men’s Styling Product To Use? This Quiz Can Help.

Hair Goals. We’ve all seen them, and yes, we want #hairgoals even if we don’t want to admit it. But the question is, how do we get that look, the look that makes a dude seem oh so suave, aside from good bone structure? Like in the picture below. 🙄

Two ways really. One, a good haircut never hurts. But to keep that good haircut looking good, it takes product which of course, is our second path to success. A little or a lot of product can go a very long way when it comes to style, and erm…again, reaching hair goals, cough..cough. 

Now, here is the stressful part. What product do you choose and how do you use it, and how much will it cost? Thankfully, that’s why we’re here. To help you and to show you that not only can it be easy finding and using the right product to style your hair but it can also be affordable.

To start, take this quiz below. It will give you some guidance on which product to use for the look you’re trying to achieve.

So, what were your results? Do you need the gel, wax, or matte clay? Want more information on your result? Read product descriptions below.

3D Men Strong Hold Gel | Price: $23.95

Gel creates sharp structured shapes and provides a shine finish. It’s best applied to damp or dry hair to construct into style. Gel dries hard and in turn, can make hair look thinner. That’s why it’s recommended for those with thicker hair types. If you’re going for that slicked back business look or a slicked up style, like spikes, and you want defined shapes, gel is the product to use.

3D Men Molding Wax | Price: $23.95

This is a maximum moldability cream wax used to create and re-invent with gravity-defying shapes. It provides a shine finish and is best applied to dry hair to mould into style. This moulding wax is especially great for creating more polished formal looks, for night outs and special events.

3D Men Texture Clay | Price: $23.95

This is a strong hold moldable texture clay, used to creative dishevelled looks. It has a matte finish and is best applied to dry hair to work into style. This clay is perfect for everyday casual styles, and not only benefits the scalp with moisture but will make your hair look thicker. 

Still got questions? That’s okay, our barbers are here to help. Stop into your local Barbershop Express to pick up your product, and while you’re at it get a free consultation from one of our barbers. They’ll help you to know if you’ve picked the right product and also show you how to use it – no bookings required, you can just walk in whenever suits you best.

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